1. To evaluate or check (something) by comparison with a standard

1. A point of reference from which measurements may be made

Logistics industry leaders use benchmarks to measure success. The LMS Benchmark Evaluation gives your business the right road map to identify the specific marketing and brand enhancing activities needed to jump start your business, raise brand awareness, make more personal connections and, most importantly, close more sales.


Here is what you can expect during an LMS Benchmark:

  • Ask critical questions about current business strategies that may or may not be working for the company and make suggestions during the benchmark to immediately help identify key priorities to address
  • Review past and present press and marketing materials, top client and prospect lists, existing budget and overall expectations
  • Post-meeting, LMS will deliver a complete summary report to you that includes a road map of communications and business development tasks discussed at the meeting and LMS’ top sequential list of recommendations
  • After reviewing the summary and recommendations, you will have a clear outline to determine which tasks you can complete yourself and which areas you need our help with

Comprehensive evaluation of current strategic marketing efforts

A complete behind-the-curtain critique of your company’s current efforts in the areas of:

  • branding
  • current mission/value proposition and message platform
  • reputation management
  • corporate name awareness within industry influencers
  • web/interactive presence
  • public relations and communications
  • sales cultivation and closing ratio
  • search engine optimization (SEO)

After thorough analysis, the LMS Benchmark will provide strategic recommendations and specific tasks to complete a 12-month plan of action – a true jump start – in order to achieve key success. At LMS we are all about providing our clients maximum benefits with cost-effective results.

Our Benchmarks are done within a tight time period – 30 days from evaluation to final report presentation. We want our clients to get moving on our suggestions so they can increase their bottom line.

Benchmarks never discover a cookie cutter answer. Every Benchmark evaluation is tailored for our client’s very targeted needs.

Benchmark evaluation fees are determined upon request.